What Our Prescribers Say

It’s powerful when respected opinion leaders in ophthalmology and optometry render supportive verdicts about our compounded medications. Especially when it’s based on first-hand experience.

Physician Testimonial

Physician Testimonial

Physician Testimonial

What Patients Say

Patient experience is at the heart of OSRX. It’s why our pharmacists and technicians are always just a phone call away, why we compound multiple medications into a single dose to simplify eye care and why we offer affordable, transparent prices.

From a recent patient satisfaction survey with 2,000 responses, we are thrilled to share the following survey results:

Drs. Wörtz, Tauber, Gupta, Solomon, Fram and Melendez are current or former medical advisory board members for Ocular Science® (an OSRX affiliate) and have a financial interest in the company.

*Data according to OSRX patient satisfaction survey, February 2023.

OSRX medications carry serious risks. Please click here to view potential adverse events and contraindications.

*For professional use only. OSRX specializes in customizing compounded medications to meet unique patient and practitioner needs. Compounded drugs are not FDA-approved, which means they have not undergone FDA premarket review for safety, effectiveness, and quality.